Enroll policies 


* Students can not attend classes if they haven't registered by the first day of school.   开学的第一天, 没有注册的学生不能进教室听课.

* Students may not attend classes if tuition hasn't be fully paid by the 2nd day of school. 开学后的第二次课, 还没有交学费的学生不能再进入课堂.

* Student registers but does not pay fully, a $10 late fee will be applied to each unpaid class after 9/30/17.  过了9/30/17, 学生将要为没付清款的课程交迟滞费$10/每门.

* If student registers and pays for three or more classes, a 5% class tuition discount will be applied. 当学生付三门以上(含三门)课程的学费时, 将得到5%的减免.

* If student registers a class for the entire year, a $20 class tuition discount will be applied. 当学生付整个学年(Fall and Spring)的学费时, 将得到$20的减免.

* If two or more students in a family register classes in the same semester, $5 family tution discount will be applied. 一个家庭有两个以上学生同时注册, 这个家庭将得到$5的减免.

* Early bird discount $5 will be applied by the end of the day 8/25/17.   开学前 (8/25/17)注册交费, 将得到 $5的减免.

* Registration fee is $10 per student per semester.  每个学生每个学期要交$10的注册费.

* If a student registers on/before the 8th week , full price applies.  学生注册在第八周(含第八周)之前, 需要付全额的学费.

* If a  student registers on/after the 9th week , half price applies. 学生注册在第九周(含第九周)之后, 只需付半额的学费.

* If a student drops a class after the second week, no refund.   学生在开学两周后, 停止学习, 将不退学费.

* If a student drops a class on or before the second week, full  refund apply. 学生在开学两周或两周前, 停止学习, 将全额退还.

* There is no refund or discount if a student misses any class.  学生因为自己的原因耽误上课, 学校不负任何经济责任(不退减学费).  

*Enrollment for Advance Dance Class has approved by Xilin Manage Team,  no makeup allowed.  申请上Advance Dance 课的学生, 要经希林舞蹈艺术团批准, 不允许补课.




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CSMS© is a free online management software for local language schools, including website management, classroom scheduling, online registration and much more.

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The following schools are now managed by this CSMS© system:

Xilin North Chinese Education Center, xilinnorth.org, Mailing Address: P.O. Box 5070, Vernon Hills, IL 60061Campus: Trinity International University, 2065 Half Day Rd, Deerfield, IL 60015

Lake County Chinese School, lakecountychineseschool.org, Xilin Lake County Chinese School5250 Grand Ave, STE. 14, PMB 350Gurnee, IL 60031-1877

Xilin Academy, xilinchineseschool.org, 1163 E. Ogden Ave.Suite 301 (Main Office)Suite 509 (After school and Dance Studio)Naperville, IL 60563

YingHua Chinese School, localchineseschool.org